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18.1 None of the parties is liable to the other party for the non-compliance with a commitment resulting from an agreement resulting from an event that is related to the control of that party, including, but not limited to any law of God, terrorism, war, political insurrection, insurrection, riots, unrest, act of civil or military authority, insurrection, earthquake, floods or any other natural or human manifestation that is beyond our control. which would have been reasonably foreseeable. “Revenue increased 1% from the previous year to $15.7 million, exceeding our estimate of $15.3 million and consensus of $15.6 million due to an increase in member revenues of $1.7 million, which was offset by a $1.3 million decrease in class closure packages and a studio closure” , wrote analysts Dave King and Andrew Mali of Roth Capital Partners. Analysts at Roth Capital Partners said Wednesday that YogaWorks Inc`s (NASDAQ:YOGA) accelerated member growth exceeded their expectations with revenue of 14% on the same revenue basis compared to the same period a year ago. 33. Integration Clause This agreement, along with the privacy policy and all other legal mentions published by YogaWorks on the site, represents the entire agreement between you and YogaWorks regarding the website and service and regulates your use of the website and service, replacing all previous agreements between you and YogaWorks regarding the website and service. “website,”, or related websites. 19.1 The failure of one of the contracting parties to insist on the strict enforcement of an agreement since then, or the non-exercise of a right or remedy to which they, he or she is entitled, does not constitute a waiver and does not result in a reduction in the obligations arising from an agreement. No waiver of any of the provisions of an agreement is effective, unless it is explicitly stated that this is the case and was signed by both parties SANTA MONICA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)-YogaWorks (the company), one of the leading providers of authentic yoga teaching in the United States, announced today that it has voluntarily filed petitions under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Act.

As part of this process, YogaWorks entered into a contract with Serene Investment Management (“Serene”), under which Serene will act as a stalking-horse bidder and has agreed to acquire YogaWorks` digital and educational activities and intellectual property. YogaWorks expects an auction pursuant to Section 363 of the U.S. Banking Code, in which Serene`s sale contract defines the land for the auction, a procedure designed to receive the best bid, subject to court approval. 2.3 The entity reserves the right to revoke the membership of a member whose conduct is contrary to the character of the studio or considered prejudicial, considered acceptable or considered prejudicial to the studio, or constitutes a violation of the terms of sale, or if such a designation is contrary to the interests of the other members of the studio, to revoke the studio. suspend or refuse. Any member appointed in this way loses all right to membership and is not entitled to a refund for a period during which membership is suspended. YogaWorks is a leading provider of progressive, high-quality yoga that promotes physical and emotional well-being.