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In 2004, a mobile operator chose “major-tet” (360 m) to build a mobile phone mast and agreed with the local government to integrate it into a lookout. As a result of this win-win agreement, the cell tower is partially covered with a wooden structure that offers a magnificent panoramic view of the area at an altitude of 30 meters. In addition to the immediate surroundings, you can also enjoy the view of the plateau of Buk and Eger. Philippe Lamberts (Greens/ALE, BE) expressed his “Pride” when he had “the courage to reaffirm his convictions” in the budget negotiations in Parliament. “It is undeniable that yesterday`s agreement is a substantial improvement over that obtained by the Council in July (…) This time, the Council respected us,” he said. Jan Olbrycht (EPP, PL) hailed the budget agreement as a “win-win outcome” for all concerned and stressed that negotiators had found a solution to strengthen policy without violating the agreement reached by EU heads of state and government in July on the next MFF and the next generation EU bailout fund. He also described the recent budget negotiations as more difficult to date, with so many new elements to take into account, such as maintaining the EU`s ambitions in managing Brexit and the deteriorating situation in Europe due to the pandemic. Dimitrios Papadimoulis (GUE/NGL, EL) said that Parliament`s achievements were a positive step, but that it was more necessary to meet citizens` expectations and expressed “the hope that the Council will comply with this agreement and that it will have the necessary unanimity”. Win-win é un`espressione inglese (traducibile come vincente-vincente, oppure io vinco-tu vinci) che la presenza di soli vincitori in una data situazione. Per estensione si considera win-win una qualsiasi cosa che non scontenti o danneggi alcuno dei soggetti coinvolti. During Wednesday`s plenary debate, MEPs welcomed the agreement on EU funding and the agreement linking EU funding to respect for the rule of law. Dacian Cioloa (Renew, RO) stressed the historical importance of the agreement, not only because of the additional resources, but also with regard to new own resources, which require polluters to account and digital companies must pay a reasonable share of taxes. Member States must also respect the EU`s core values in order to have access to dedica funds.

“This is a historic moment for the EU.” Did Jean-Lin Lacapelle (ID, FR) ask for relocations to be encouraged? Part of the recovery must be based on incentives that take into account the vulnerability of SMEs and “invest in localization,” he said. He also denounced the “European tax” which “sub-treats all citizens”. . Nella teoria dei giochi sono quei giochi normalmente cooperativi, ma non necessariamente, con struttura e regole tali per cui non esistono vinti, ma tutti i giocatori vincono. Van Overtveldt (ECR, BE) welcomed the fact that Parliament`s negotiators had succeeded in changing the Member States` “untouchable” position on the long-term budget and thus securing more funds for the EU`s innovation and guidance programmes. To listen to the full speeches, click on the following links: Johannes Hahn, European Commissioner for Budgetary Affairs, congratulated the legislators for reaching a “good agreement” and showed that “Europe is up to the task”. In particular, he welcomed the additional resources and ambitions to which MEPs insisted, despite the initial reductions proposed by the Member States, as well as the establishment of the rule of law mechanism and a clear roadmap for own resources.