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The PCP and the PCH allow you to rent a car. But PCP also gives you the opportunity to buy the car and become its legal owner at the end of the lease. It is recommended that a vehicle lease be used when a vehicle lease agreement is negotiated between two parties, when no dealer rental form has been provided. You can use z.B a vehicle rental contract if you lend a car or truck to a friend or family member. When you rent a car, you essentially pay a company for the right to drive a car they own for a specified period, usually two or three years. Their payments are intended to cover the depreciation of the vehicle during this period, so that they are often cheaper than a car credit on an equivalent vehicle. Leasing can also be a good way to drive a newer model car at a relatively low cost. You may want to offer to extend the lease term, which would reduce your monthly payments, or come to another agreement to help you. For the seller, leasing generates revenue from a vehicle that the seller (or production company) still owns and may, at the expiry of the original (or principal) lease, lease it again or resell it through vehicle marketing. Because consumers typically use a rented vehicle for a shorter period of time than a leased vehicle they purchase directly, leasing can generate repeat customers more quickly, which can be part of different aspects of a dealership`s business model.

You may not know it, but the two usual ways to finance a car are contract personal rent (PCH) and personal contract purchase (PCP). PCH Leasing allows you to drive a new car every two years, with relatively low monthly payments and not worry about the resale value of the car. PCP is similar, but gives you the opportunity to buy the car in the future. If you rent a car, there are strict rules and restrictions, so make sure you understand how it works. A vehicle rental contract is a contract between a vehicle owner (owner) and a person who pays ownership of the vehicle to the owner for a specified period (Lessee). The amount of rent, usually paid monthly, consists of a depreciation tax for vehicles, a financing tax corresponding to the interest on a car loan and all value-added taxes. 7.11 The owner undertakes to cover the costs of maintenance and repair of routine vehicles due to normal and express wear, except for damage caused by a collision. The tenant can pay and recover the costs to the landlord only with the prior written consent of the landlord. Four out of five people with PCP plans do not choose to buy the car at the end of their contract (source: Finance and Leasing Association). Is it likely that you will be one of them? If so, leasing a car through a personal rental contract (PCH) could cost you less.